Broodmares at Big Bear Farm

We have had so many great broodmares through the years. Our foundation purebred Connemara mares currently include; Big Bear's Aurora, Big Bear's Esther, Big Bear's Zoe, Legacy's Broadway Star, Big Bear's Faith, Big Bear's Hosanna, Big Bear's Elior, and Big Bear's Hallaluja. We also Breed nonconnemara mares. These other non Connemara or part Connemara broodmares are listed below.

Purebred Connemaras

Big Bear's Elior

1/11/2020 Grey Pure Bred Connemara Mare. N/N. Photos         Bloodlines

Legacy's Broadway Star aka Vashti

2011 14 hand Connemara Mare. N/N HWSD 



 Big Bear's Hallaluja

3/11/2020 Buckskin Pure Bred Connemare Mare. N/N HWSD. 

Bloodlines  Photos

Big Bear's Cadence of Love aka Cady

2005 15 hand Conn/Han Mare. HWSD N/N


video flat Nov 2020

Video Jump Nov 2020

Video xc fall 2020

Big Bear's Cor DeVine aka Vini

2014 16 hand ISR Oldenburg with 1/4 Connemara Mare. hwsd n/n

Bloodlines    photos

July xc 2020

May Jumping 2020

Stadium may 2020

Christmas parade 2019

Sept 2022

Connemara and halfbred Connemara Mares

Big Bear's Faith

2009 14.1 hand Grey Connemara Mare. N/N HWSD 

Bloodlines        photos

Video Dec2020

Video Nov 2020

Video Steeplechase 2020

Aug xc 2020

Spring 2023

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Big Bear's Dance With Me

2015 12 hand Bay  

Connemara/Shetland Mare. HWSD N/N

Being bred to Shammer Eagle for 2021

Bloodlines  Photos

video playing with John

Ameba 3 phase Sept 2020

Polocross 2020

Jumping Sept 2020

Trail July 2020

Swimming 2020

XC fun2020

learning to jump

learning to trail ride summer 2020

Cart summer 2020

Big Bear's Hosanna aka Anja

01/01/2020 Buckskin turning grey Pure bred Connemara Mare. N/N HWSD

Bloodline.           Photos

Big Bear's Adriel

5/31/2021 Bay Connemara/Oldenbrg filly by Shammer Eagle HWSD N/N

Bloodlines      photos

Big Bear's Sarah

8/15/2021 Bay Connemara/Oldenbrg filly by Shammer Eagle HWSD N/N

Bloodlines  Photos

R Big Bear's Eve

3/15/22 Black purbred Connemara Filly.   N/N HWSD 


Non- Connemara or part Connemara mares

Big Bear's Daily Bread   3/28/22 Buckskin purbred Connemara Filly.   N/N 

Bloodlines      photos

Big Bear's Talitha Koum 

2/7/23 Bay Conn/Han Mare by Shammer Eagle or of  Imported Han Mare, Savile Row 

Bloodlines   Photos

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BIg Bear's Waymaker

3/22/23 Grey purbred Connemara Filly.   N/N HWSD 

Bloodlines  Photos

Big Bear's Rhema

3/15/23 grey purbred Connemara Filly.   N/N HWSD 

Bloodlines  Photos